Buying A Home In The Fall

Dated: October 25 2017

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Does the crisp Fall air put a spring in your step?  The sun filtering through the colorful autumn leaves always caused us to get outside and drive through the back streets.  I've done this since a little girl with my brother and parents - finding back roads unknown to explore for hours.  Oftentimes, it would bring us to a home for sale and we'd pile out to wander about with countless questions bouncing out of the grown-ups' head.  "What do you think?  It's only 30 minutes from town and the back yard is HUGE!"  My brother and I would pause from chiding the other to see what's around the back or who could find a window with the curtains drawn back and yell, "Come see!"  I'm not so sure these days we could get away with that for fear of a neighbor calling the authorities but it brings back fond memories of an exciting and new adventure in store.  Image title
Check out a great article from talking about reasons Fall is the best time to buy a home.  Click here: ► 

If you find yourself in need to wander unexplored territory, I'm here to help!  I've attached a link for you to see homes for sale in the Travis county area from $350,000 to $700,000 range.  ► 

There you will find a massive amount of information and images that will certainly bring excitement - just like a brisk Fall day.    


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