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Dated: November 1 2017

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"I'm late!  I'm late for a very important date!"  Who said that?  Was it Alice?  Didn't she trip and fall down a hole?  All because she was running around like a crazy person.   Something about a tea party if I'm not mistaken.  Sorry not sorry that I never saw the movie or read the book.   Tea parties were never my thing.  Starched lace and black patent simply were a palms up and hell-to-the-no.  You'll find me face down in the yard looking for baby pine cones if you'll recall.  

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And as far as the fashionably late thing - well, that's just made up for someone who probably got a speeding ticket on the way to the party.  For being late!  You've got a few categories people fall in:  Early birds; Right on timers; Late for their own funeral.  Me?  If I'm on time, I'm late.  I invented that statement, by the way.  (I also invented individual coffee bags back in 1982 but that's for another time.)  And being sorta kinda late doesn't get on my nerves so much as the chronic adults who know better.  Rude.  

But when it comes to real estate, there is a time for everything.  Time to go house shopping.  Time to qualify for a loan.  Time to make an offer.  And the pinnacle of time management comes when you have an accepted offer - buyer OR seller.  "Time is of the essence."  That's even in our contracts!  Time is of the essence, people.  Mister Buyer got his offer accepted.  Now, the earnest money is at the title office being held in escrow and for the next few days, we've got to get inspections done.  The clock is ticking.  We've got to follow up and respond.  On time.  And Missus Seller isn't over there eating bonbons.  She's got to follow the same clock.   You've got inspectors with a deadline.  Lenders who are checking things off the list like Santa.  And appraisers who no one actually knows if they've met one - they're invisible.  But believe you me.  They're out there with a watch on.  Then comes closing time.  That involves transferring of monies.  There are banking hours.  And they're just as bad as government hours.  You have got to have your ducks in a row at all times.  Big time.  And no one is getting into a house until alllll the papers have been signed - i's dotted; t's crossed.  Then keys exchange.  Hallelujahs happen and corks get popped.   All because everyone did their job on time.  

I get it if you're having a bad hair day.  I'm not leaving the house until the frizz is under control.  But when it comes to real estate time, there's no such thing as fashionably late.  Need an agent who has your best interest at heart?  That involves a time manager.  Our job is to keep you on the straight and narrow.  

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Laura McMillan

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