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Dated: October 29 2017

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Willie lives here.  We can use first name only.  Like Cher.  Madonna.  Carrot Top.  Lala.  There are famous one namers.  Others more infamous.  Each have their contribution to society.  What you leave as your mark on the world is something I believe all wish to do - something to acknowledge you were here and your life had meaning.  Some have money and choose to donate to their alma mater.  Others don't have boatloads of money and donate their time.  I think if I won the lottery, I'd donate most of it to different causes like animal rescue and protection of bees.  The list is kinda long, actually.  I'd be sure my family was taken care of.  But until I win, I make an honest living.  It's in that effort of daily life, my mark is being made.  Image title

I used to live in Small Town, Texas.  Now I live in the Capitol City.  You know the place where people "keep it weird."  Probably the most recognized resident would be Willie.  He's good at keeping it weird.  He lives a little more than a rock's throw from me outside the city limits of Spicewood, TX on a ranch called Luck Texas.  "You're either in luck or outta luck."  The town is a bunch of old western structures built in '86 for a film called Red Headed Stranger.  Special events happen there including little ones running amok for Easter egg hunts.  Willie's carved out quite a niche.  I'm pretty sure he's met the societal quota.  He's one of the more famous one namers. Me?  I'm still carving.  My family thinks I'm a big deal, though.  I wake up every morning and I've looking at two Shih Tzus wagging their tail like they want an autograph; so, I've got that going for me.  I think if I ever meet Willie, I'm going to ask for him to ask for my autograph and get a picture of me giving it to him.  

I don't know what my mark is to be and I'm a good half way through life.  It's quite likely I won't be a one-name singer.  There's the infamous route.  I've come close to being in different real estate reality shows but they never quite pan out.  There's a lot of us like that here.  Posts are made on Facebook pretty regularly with "we're so excited to be part of HGTVs latest rehab show called #ThereAreTooManyToName.  Stay tuned!"  But you never hear about it and it never comes up.  

So far the only people that know me by my one name is close friends and family.  I'm the only Lala I've known until the past few years and the few that have cropped up are all younger.  That's trend setting, right there.  I'd like to think it's because I'm infamous for something.  Hopefully, it's something nice.  Speaking of nice, I try to be just that.  Every day I strive to be nice.  It's not that easy either.  Sometimes, you just wanna let someone have it.  Nice can be stressful.  You can be sarcastic while being nice.  Like, "Have a nice day" could be said to someone you'd really like to give the one-finger salute to but you have to refrain because you're nice.  And being nice doesn't exactly carve a trail of infamy.  But having a Willie nice day somehow takes niceness to a whole 'nother level.  I'll have to put more thought into what my moniker places on the world after I'm gone.  After all, there are little Lalas out there I have to consider.  If you have any ideas, feel free to share them.  I'd love to put a fresh spin on the conundrum.  Meanwhile, I want each of you to make tomorrow a Willie nice day. 

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