Its Time To Plant Tulips

Dated: October 26 2017

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Enjoying the Unexpected
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Who doesn't love opening a gift?  Especially when it's unexpected.   Seasons are like that.  Even more so for gardeners.  Let's say you're looking to buy in the Spring.  And the time now is the Fall.  That's months away with plenty of time to search online and save some with little hearts beside the address or put others in the virtual trashcan.  You begin to gravitate towards those that have that warm, inviting feel to it.  Inevitably, it's probably the landscaping that caught your eye.  Most people wouldn't think about the seasons ahead but someone like a buyer who loves to garden would.  Because every one of them bring their own unexpected gift.  Some seller out there is a gardener like you.  Wrapping a present for a future buyer in the form of planting bulbs to burst anew one Spring day.  

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If we can help you find a home with a potting shed or a landscape that's calling for attention, we're happy to do so.  Part of selecting just the right home is much like picking out just the right birthday present for a friend.  Time and effort goes into finding just the right gift.  Behind the search is compassion, patience and love.  And the joy of knowing you've succeeded makes the search so rewarding!  Click here to find homes with lots of potential (a half acre or more) ► 

For any real estate needs, please consider giving us an opportunity to find your unexpected joy.  Until we meet, enjoy a short video from HGTV on the best times to plant tulips ► 

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