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Dated: October 28 2017

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Did your parents often tell you you were special?  Not special special.  More like you would grow up to be extraordinary.  You were just a little bit different than the other kids or siblings in your own "special" way.  I bought that hook, line and sinker.  I wasn't one of those that got an award when I lost. I had chores. I had to eat what was served for dinner or go without.  But I was still special. It didn't help that I was the oldest.  I was taller.  Therefore, I was smarter. Naturally.  I was Numero Uno - it mattered not it was because I was born first and had no say so in the matter.  And, no, I wasn't a little princess.  I was the Queen of Something.  I'm still looking for my crown; because, as of yet, I haven't been coronated.  To this day I cut up my own food.  Do my own laundry.  Pay my own bills.  Earn my biscuits as it were.   

Having an assistant - someone to keep me on task, move appointments around, ensure signatures are on the right documents, have returned all my calls and sent out that thank you note - is imperative.  My destiny has been a path of tree roots, potholes, smooth highways and golden bricks.   Much stumbling along and other times just sailing away.  And it makes me humble.  It's important to be humble when you're the Queen of Something.  Life is hills and valleys.  Every tough time is a lesson.  Every good time is a gift.  There's a first time for everything and a new way to learn something old. Interaction with others soon shows you in the scheme of things, they've faced similar struggles and rewards.  There's a commonality.  An unspoken comfort has developed and what I may not know best, you might.  I'm pretty sure I could whip up a chocolate souffle but that doesn't mean you should eat it.  And because you owned a house or two doesn't mean you know how to buy or sell a house.  We leave those weaker skills to those who have perfected it.  

Having been in the real estate field for almost 20 years now doesn't make me rusty like my imaginary crown.  It makes me seasoned.  I've perfected my craft.  Still learning, though.  Ever honing.  Ask me a question and I'll likely know it.  I bet you as a seller or buyer, your profession trumps my skills in the same field.  I curtsy to you.  

When it comes time to purchase a home or put a sign in the yard, you'll allow someone to oversee things.  Let's agree I'll be the Queen of Something. 

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Laura McMillan

Laura is dedicated to making the purchase or sale of your home a stress-free and positive experience completed with diligence, professionalism and care. Laura has built an impeccable reputation....

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